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Here are some xbox's that I have modded. I will be adding more as I do more. You should realize that these pictures can't really show you how cool these xbox's are. There are some really cool details that you cant capture with a camera.

Most of the xbox's in here I modded and could do the same thing again if you liked it.

Some of them however, are pictures that I thought were really cool and showed just how creative you can be with xbox modding so I added them. I will include a web address with the picture to citate that I did not mod  the xbox and somebody  else did.

Painted and unpainted S controllers

The first slim box I did. It has a custom jewel and a 4 color paint job.

A picture showing how much gets cut off when you make a slim box. The red arrow shows where the side fins were before and you can see how much of a difference there is.

An indepth comparison of a normal, upainted xbox, VS a custom painted, slim box. You can see the dramatic difference. Please note that that really is how small a slim box is. I did not put the normal xbox on books or anything, both are on the exact same ground for all the pictures.

This is a VERY cool xbox as you can see. If you want more info about it please visit

Another excellent, white xbox. For more info about this xbox please visit