Catalog 2

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Catalog 2

This catalog is filled with slightly more complicated mods than the other catalog. Most mods in here will take at least a week to complete due to their complexity.

DVD drive window - $25

After this mod is complete you will be able to see the game spinning when you turn on the xbox. It is really a cool mod and very unique.

Add leds to DVD drive - $10

For this mod I will add leds around the dvd drive window so it glows in you choice of color when the xbox is on. This does make seeing the game spin harder so keep that in mind.

Hard drive window - $20

For this mod I will install a window over the hard drive.

Add leds to hard drive window - $10

For this mod I will add some leds around the Hard Drive window. 

Put your xbox in a new case - $30

For this mod I will replace your boring, black, stock xbox case with a new exciting colored case. All these cases are see through and are really cool. Your color choices are Clear, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, Red.

Mod xbox with Softmod - $25

What a softmod allows you to do is backup games to your xbox. It also allows you to play region free games and dvd's. You can still play games like you normally would but you can also play games off of the hard drive.