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All the leds I have ready to use are blue. If you wish to have your xbox modded with different colors please allow and extra week for modding.Your led color choices are green, yellow, red, and uv.

This is a catalog of all the mods we do. Each mod has a brief description and a price attached. The more complicated the mod the more money it costs. Also, the more complicated the mod, the longer it will take.

Please allow at least 5 days for modding. If you have questions about how long a mod will take, please email me for an approximate time.

Slim Box mod - $50

This mod actually lowers your xbox by about 3/4 an inch. I will also move the DVD drive to the left side of the xbox. This mod will not affect the xbox in anyway accept to make it smaller.

Paint Job 1 color - $25

For this mod I will simply paint your xbox one color of your choice. Your color choices are;

Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, Orange, Black, and White. If you want to send in spraypaint with your xbox I am more than willing to paint your xbox with that.

Add leds to controller ports - $10

For this mod I will add some leds to each controller port on your xbox. Whenever you turn on your xbox the controller port will glow VERY bright. This does not affect the controller port functionality at ALL.

The picture for this can not capture this mod. You really have to see this for full impact, it is really really cool.

Eject light mod - $5

This mod is NOT what you see in the picture. Installing blue leds to replace the green ones xbox's have is INCREDIBILY hard from my own expeirences. If you make one small mistake you can brake that whole panel and it creates large problems.

What I will do is switch the red and green leds around. What happens is whenever there is supposed to be a green led (normal running) there will be a red led. Whenever there is supposed to be a red led (error in the system) there will be a green led. The red led is just as bright as the green led and looks really cool.

If, you really want blue leds instead of green or red ones you can pay me $25 and I will install one.

Add leds to your controller - $10

For this mod I will add 2 leds behind the xbox jewel on your controller. This will not affect gameplay at all.

This picture is really terrible, you really have to see it to see how bright it is.

Paint your controller 1 color - $15

For this mod I will paint your controller 1 color of your choice (Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, Orange, Black, or white). You can see the difference between a painted and upainted controller below.

Swith power and eject button functions - $5

This mod explains itself. I switch the function of the power button so that when you press it it ejects the dvd and when you press the eject button it turns on the xbox.

Add led to controller dongle - $5

For this mod I will add an led to the inside of your controller dongle. This lights the whole dongle up and is very bright.

Paint your power and eject buttons - $5

For this mod I will paint your power and eject button a color of your choice (Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, Orange, Black, or white). You can either have both the same color or for example, one green and the othere red.

Add HD/LAN activity led to front of xbox - $10

For this mod I will add a HD/LAN activity light. You can choose which one you want. The led just lights up when their is activity.