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How Mod my Box works


Mod my Box provides a way for people to get a very unique xbox at a low price.

How Mod my Box works is, you select the mods you want from the catalog page. You tell me which ones you want and your zipcode. I add the price of all the mods together and I calculate shipping based on your zipcode. I will email you the total for shipping and all mods combined.

You can either pay me thru paypal, or you can include cash/money order when you ship in your xbox. Please see the payments page for more details.

 Upon receiving payment in full, I mod your xbox and send it back.

People who have helped with this site.

I would like to thank Mr. Ben Jackson for his help in developing this site and his marketing skills. From hence forth he will be my official assistant.

Thanks Ben for all your help. 

Contact me

Please contact me with any questions you may have. I will answer your questions within 24 hours.